Ideal for Storing short, long or irregular sized items.

Another form of pallet racking is cantilever racking. It is very popular, cost effective and space efficient means of storing and handling heavy, long or irregular sized goods.  It is an ideal choice for long loads of steel, wood or plastic and can be designed both single or double sided. It is a typical footing supporting upright columns which support the load arms branching out to hold the actual load of the product. Each column is connected to the other by cross braces and horizontal braces.

Its extreme versatility enables you to store and access a vast array of stock that varies in shape, size and weight. Consisting of a heavy duty central base that supports a set of cantilevered arms, these arms can be altered and adapted once fitted, to accommodate your specific load bearing requirements. Cantilever racking ensures that products are safe, secure, easily accessible and well presented. This racking system will take into consideration all the dimensions and weight of your products and items and according to the available warehouse space.

Cantilever racking are heavy duty racking solution for storing irregular sized items. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use to store products off the ground making more floor space. These are extremely durable for maximizing and organizing your storage capacity. You will get the highest quality of materials and services at competitive prices from us. We offer a variety of cantilever racks to accommodate the need of your warehouse in the form of pallet racks, cantilever racks, push back racks and drive-in storage racks to accommodate your warehouse need. Cantilever racking provides plenty of flexibility and can be easily extended with add-on bays and are fully adjustable. These racking systems can be in a range of standard colors or can be plain for storing applications outdoors.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking:

·         Fully Adjustable
·         Easy to Install
·         Space Efficiency
·         High Quality
·         Economic Cost
·         Ideal  for Long Loads