We also specialize in manufacturing customized and durable storage lockers enabling you to convert any space into a secure storage area. We have the experience and expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing various types of condominium storage lockers for various applications. Our areas of specialization in storage lockers include Condo Apartments and Townhouses. From single tier to double tier lockers, tenant bike racks and hanging tenant lockers to over-sized lockers.

Single Tier Locker

Single Tier storage lockers are ideal for apartment complexes and community garages.

Double Tier Locker

Double Tier storage locker is ideal to maximize your basement storage space. Designed exclusively for the condo industry, A.D’s double tier tenant storage lockers offer outstanding storage space without any need for additional square feet.

Hanging Tenant Locker

Hanging tenant lockers are ideal when tenant storage space is limited. You can create more space taking advantage of the under-utilized real estate in your parking garage area. Hanging tenant storage lockers convert open space above parked cars into awesome and convenient storage units. There are two types of hanging tenant lockers that you can choose from – suspended and free-standing.

Over Sized Lockers

For heavy duty storage needs, choose our over-sized lockers. These are engineered to withstand tough conditions and the rigorous storage demands.

·         Wire mesh lockers are mainly used for tenants and warehouses to store products. An ultimate and economical storage solution to fit your needs.

·         Lockers are extremely robust. They require no maintenance cost, saving your time and money.

·         Wire mesh lockers are great for storage and a wise solution for converting any space into a secure storage area.

·         All storage lockers have a heavy-duty wire mesh construction that reduces installation cost.

·         Wire mesh lockers are suitable for a residential as well as commercial use like schools, gyms, warehouses and factories.

·         Another excellent storage is sheet metal lockers which are ideal for any private storage.

·         We have the knowledge to give you the best storage requirements.